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Donepezil HCl Genepharm Orodispersible Tablets 10mg



Active Ingredient:

Donepezil HCl 10mg


White to off-white round, flat tablets with bevelled edges, embossed with "10" on one side and plain on the other

Regulatory Class:

Prescription Drug


  • Indication
  • Indication
  • Use and Administration
Use and Administration

Donepezil HCI is indicated for:
It is used to treat the symptoms of dementia in people diagnosed as having mild and moderately severe Alzheimer’s disease. The symptoms include increasing memory loss, confusion and behavioural changes. As a result, sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease find it more and more difficult to carry out their normal daily activities.

Initially, the recommended dose is 5 mg every night before you go to bed. After one month, your doctor may tell you to take 10 mg every night before you go to bed.