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Zerotex Capsule 120mg


DRPS0057B / DRPS0057B


Active Ingredient:

Orlistat 120mg



Bluish green colored capsule, printed "Boram" on one part & "Zero-X 120" on the other part.


Regulatory Class:

Prescription Drug




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  • Indication
  • Indication
  • Use and Administration
Use and Administration

Zerotex is indicated for weight loss in adults who are overweight (body mass index, BMI, >28 kg/m2) and should be taken in conjunction with a mildly hypocaloric, lower-fat diet.

The recommended dose of Zerotex is one 120 mg capsule to be taken three times daily. No more than three capsules should be taken in 24 hours.
Diet and exercise are important parts of a weight loss programme. It is recommended that a diet and exercise programme is started before beginning treatment with Zerotex.
While taking orlistat, the patient should be on a nutritionally balanced, mildly hypocaloric diet that contains approximately 30% of calories from fat (e.g. in a 2,000 kcal/day diet, this equates to <67 g of fat). The daily intake of fat, carbohydrate and protein should be distributed over three main meals.
The diet and exercise programme should continue to be followed when treatment with Zerotex is stopped.